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Michael Tonjum, Ph.D.
(707) 525-8881

As a Licensed Psychologist, I have practiced in the Santa Rosa area for over 25 years. My office is centrally located in downtown Santa Rosa. My primary specialties focus on individuals in transition, dual career couples and children with learning and behavioral difficulties. If you are a parent struggling with your child’s education or have family issues, my extensive experience utilizing both psychodynamic and behavioral interventions will improve your child’s understanding of his or herself and assist you with improving your family’s home life. Couples and individual adults, please call for a consultation.
Although my practice includes both children and adults, my specialty with children with learning disabilities, ADHD or behavioral problems has been the cornerstone of my work throughout my career. My work helping couples manage the stress of balancing work and relationship rounds out my practice.
Although I utilize both behavioral and cognitive interventions, my theraputic philosophy is based in a psychodynamic theory that promotes the individual’s (both children and adults) self awareness while improving personal self-esteem. Couples benefit from understanding that: Communication leads to Trust… and Trust leads to Intimacy.
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